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Icing Climate and Productivity: Choosing the Right Sensor

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  • September 14, 2017

Technical Content: Cédric Arbez, Charles Godreau, Kossivi Tete, Marilys Clément

Authors : Lucie Fauteux, Marilys Clément

Harnessing wind regimes in cold climates presents important challenges, notably due to the risk of ice accretion on wind turbine components. Detecting ice events is therefore crucial to ensure the profitability and the safety of installations, but what about the performance of the sensors available on the market?

As a leader in renewable energy integration and wind farm optimization, the TechnoCentre éolien recently published a paper that proposes a performance assessment methodology for meteorological sensors exposed to icing conditions.


  • Icing recap;
  • Quantitative performance assessment for meteorological sensors in icing conditions;
  • A reliable performance index that can be used to optimize wind farm profitability.