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Development and Validation of an Ice Prediction Model for Wind Farms

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  • August 17, 2017

Coordinators: Cédric Arbez, Matthew Wadham-Gagnon

Authors: Marilys Clément, Charles Godreau, Nigel Swytink-Binnema, Kossivi Tete

This report presents the results of a study on the validation of the GEM-LAM-Jones-Makkonen (GLJM) model for meteorological icing forecasting that was commissioned by Natural Resources Canada.

This model is based on the pairing of the GEM-LAM weather forecasting model developed by Environment Canada (EC) with those models designed by Jones and Makkonen to predict icing accretion. The objective of this validation is to assess the capacity of the GLJM model to predict icing episodes at wind farms and the associated production losses.