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Stand-alone Microgrids – A major Asset for the Electrification of Off-grid Sites

Technical content: Karim Belmokhtar, Cédric Arbez, Kossivi Tete, Marilys Clément

Authors: Lucie Fauteux, Karim Belmokhtar

Both in Canada and in other countries, operating thermal power plants to produce electricity for off-grid sites results in high energy costs as well as greenhouse gases, which are a major concern for the international community. In this context, the deployment of stand-alone microgrids integrating different sources of renewable energy stands out as a promising solution.
At the dawn of the energy transition already being undertaken by numerous jurisdictions, the TechnoCentre éolien draws on its expertise to provide an accurate synopsis of the situation and to present Opten, a bold research program aimed at sustainably integrating renewable energy into microgrids.

- Overview of microgrids
- Development potential and technical, economic & social challenges
- Opten: bridging the gap between industry and the research sector in pursuit of a sustainable energy solution.