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Battery Bank Performance and State Of Health Diagnostic in Hybrid Wind-Diesel Power System

To cope with the growing demand for energy and the growing scarcity of fossil energy sources, renewable energy sources (RES) are becoming increasingly integrated in power systems. However, the fluctuating and intermittent nature of RES generally requires the use of buffer systems. These systems also serve to overcome the temporal decoupling between production and demand. Despite their low specific energy, batteries are the most attractive Energy Storage System (ESS) due to their maturity, ease of installation and their ability to provide high surge currents.

However, the use of batteries in Hybrid Power Systems (HPS) results in the rapid degradation of batteries and premature aging. The TechnoCentre éolien (TCE) conducts research projects on the integration of RES in microgrids for remote applications. This technical paper discusses the characterization of the aging phenomena of sealed lead-acid batteries in HPSs and the investigation of suitable solutions to extend battery lifespans.