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Large-Scale Active and Reactive Load Emulators on TCE’s Microgrid

Technical issues related to both operation and control of Microgrids (MC) are substantial. Indeed, the control of a large number of Distributed Generation (DG) sources with most likely conflicting requirements and restricted communication between the different devices is a highly important issue necessitating the implementation of distributed intelligence techniques.

In the framework of MC, several technical issues such as an instantaneous active and reactive power control and power quality requirements will be investigated by using scalable devices which can emulate the real behaviour of a large scalable MC. The TechnoCentre éolien (TCE) has a large scalable Wind/Diesel Microgrid with active and reactive load emulators of up to 200 kVA. These emulators, which are based on power electronics techniques, can emulate any active and reactive load profile for autonomous of power systems.