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Power Quality Constraints in Islanded Microgrids

Today, advances in power electronic techniques allow for the use of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) in various configurations. Indeed, thanks to the use of power electronics, RES can be connected to main grids or distributed interconnected multi-source grids with storage systems and loads. A microgrid (MG) is different by nature of its topology from a connected electrical grid, which can be regarded as an unlimited power source, such that load variations do not affect its stability.

In contrast, in a MG, sudden large changes in loads can result in transients of large amplitude in the AC bus. Additionally, the large propagation of non-linear loads and extensive use of electronic equipment such as power converters operating at high frequency can reduce power quality requirements, particularly in the MG. The power quality can also be affected in the connected grid by the use of increasingly non-linear loads, whereas in MG configurations, the power quality may be very poor in the aforementioned conditions.