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Assistance to accompany businesses seeking to develop new markets

The TechnoCentre éolien accompanies Québec enterprises to help them improve their competiveness and develop their markets.

Assistance to accompany businesses seeking to submit financial aid applications

The TechnoCentre éolien offers to accompany enterprises in their efforts to obtain financial aid from funding agencies.

Business networking
• Tailor-made business appointment activity – Wind Meetings
• Personalised networking services
Every year, the TechnoCentre éolien organises a networking activity - Wind Meetings during its Québec Wind Energy Conference. It makes this private business meeting service available exclusively to conference participants to encourage business opportunities for contract givers and suppliers.

Other one-time or made-to-measure networking opportunities can be implemented throughout the year during trade missions or other activities.

The purpose of these business networking initiatives is to raise awareness about the expertise and know-how of Québec enterprises while strengthening the wind turbine supply chain in Québec.

Trade missions
Regularly throughout the year, trade missions visit different areas and markets. The purpose of these missions is to learn more about partnership opportunities associated with these markets while fostering exchange between companies and improving the position of Québec's wind energy network abroad.

Missions in 2013
• AWEA Wind project operation, Maintenance & Reliability Seminar: January 15 and 16, 2013, San Diego (United States)
• Winterwind, International Wind Energy Conference: February 12 and 13, 2013, Östersund (Sweden)
• 2013 WINDPOWER Conference & Exhibition: May 5 to 8, 2013, Chicago (United States)

Québec wind energy supply chain intelligence

With the presence and development of a number of wind projects, Québec can count on workers with a wide range of industrial and technological skills that are the foundation for a strong and experienced wind energy network.

In fact, the wind industry in Québec features about a dozen manufacturers and equipment suppliers positioned with international contract givers and it relies on an extensive network of subcontractors and suppliers of specialised products. It also benefits from the presence of research institutions and major training centres and enjoys the support of government partners.

Efforts associated with the wind energy supply chain are intended to be structuring for the industry in Québec, and seek to foster the strategic growth of the sector in the long term. The objective is to optimise the performance of the Québec industry to increase its competitiveness internationally by organising the following services and actions:

• Mapping and optimisation of Québec's wind energy supply chain
• Study reports
• Contribution to the economy of Québec