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Wind Energy in Québec

Wind turbine ... from A to Z

Humans have been using the wind to improve their daily lives for a very long time. Since Antiquity, wind mills have been used to grind grain, and in arid areas of the planet, they helped farmers pump the water they needed to irrigate their fields.

More recently, wind has also come to be used to generate electricity. The general principle is the same, but as can be expected, the technology used is much more complex.

There are a number of different wind turbine models on the market; some differ strikingly from the traditional wind mill. Example of the latter include vertical axis wind turbine like Eole installed in Le Nordais wind farm in Cap-Chat. However, this prototype is now considered to be unsuitable for the industrial production of electricity and today, the clear preference is for horizontal axis models based on a proven technology originating in Denmark where 20% of the country's energy requirements are met by wind power.

In this next section, we will introduce you to this type of wind turbine by describing the individual components and explaining how it operates.

How it works

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