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Wind Energy in Québec

Useful links

Associations promoting wind energy

American Wind Energy Association
A source of information on what's happening in the wind energy industry in the United States and elsewhere in the world.

Canadian Wind Energy Association
A site that informs and educates the Canadian public about wind energy.

Association québécoise de la production d'énergie renouvelable
A source of information on renewable energy, including wind energy.

European Wind Energy Association
This association promotes the use of wind energy in Europe and elsewhere in the world.

Greenpeace Web site.

Association de la Recherche Industrielle du Québec
Association that supports industrial research and networking by innovative SMEs

Agences publiques et parapubliques

Natural Resources Canada

Canada Economic Development

Ministère des Ressources naturelles


Hydro-Québec Self-generation

Bureau d'audiences publiques sur l'environnement

Ministère Finances et Économie

Wind charts

Environment Canada's Wind Energy Atlas
This site offers visitors the opportunity to browse through the findings of digital simulations done for areas throughout Canada to determine the wind energy potential in those areas.

Windscope: Wind Energy Simulation Toolkit
The WindScope Wind Energy Simulation Toolkit is the first of its kind, a revolutionary new application in the field of wind energy production.


North American WindPower
Monthly reference journal covering the wind energy industry in North America

WindPower Monthly
Monthly reference journal covering the wind energy industry

Énergies renouvelables
Publication on developments and innovations in the renewable energy field

Websites for planned or operating wind farms in Quebec*

*note: not all of the planned or operating wind farms have a website.

Negotiated contracts

Mont Miller
Northland Power

Mont Copper
NextEra / FPL

1st request for proposals (1000 MW)

Baie-des-Sables, Anse-à-Valleau, Carleton, Gros-Morne, Montagne-Sèche
Cartier énergie éolienne

St-Ulric / St-Léandre
Northland Power

Northland Power

2nd request for proposals (2000 MW)

Saint-Laurent Énergies

Seigneurie de Beaupré 2 et 3
Boralex - Gaz Metro

Massif du Sud
Saint-Laurent Énergies

Lac Alfred
Saint-Laurent Énergies

Rivière du Moulin
Saint-Laurent Énergies

Saint-Laurent Énergies

St-Rémi / Montérégie

Des Moulins

New Richmond

De l'Érable

Vents du Kempt

General information sites

CanWEA's Small Wind Energy
This site provides the information and decision-making tools you need to learn about small wind energy systems (i.e. turbines with rated capacities under 300 kilowatts).

Emerging Energy Research
EER is an advisory and consulting firm that specialises in new sources of energy like wind power. On its Web site, you will find a global media digest featuring emerging energy technologies as well as the various services offered by the firm.

The Wind Power
The Wind Power is a database dedicated to wind turbines and windfarms of the whole world. It containts many pictures galleries, technical and statistical data and also some movies and wind farms datasheets.