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Microgrid (wind-diesel)

The TechnoCentre éolien has acquired the infrastructure needed to set up a microgrid at its experimental site in Rivière-au-Renard. The microgrid project consists of a test bench to study the behaviour of a hybrid wind/diesel/solar/energy storage system. Original in design, the microgrid is composed of two interconnected buses AC and DC.

Via this microgrid – designed for research purposes – the TechnoCentre éolien aims to conduct technical validation, provide a technology showcase, and become a leader in hybrid grid field. It also seeks to offer its partners an opportunity to work on multi-resource energy projects in Québec by meeting their needs in terms of the research infrastructure they need for this type of project.

Characteristics Instrumentation  
  • It is composed of two interconnected buses AC and DC.
  • The microgrid is designed to permit the emulation of: 1) a power plant whose output is distributed via a direct connection to the Hydro-Québec central grid; (2) an off-grid system powering a northern village; and (3) and isolated (island) grid powering a telecommunication station or a local consumer.
  • 1 wind power plant
  • 1 photovoltaic power plant
  • 1 diesel power plant
  • 1 compression, cooling and compressed air storage chain
  • 1 heat exchanger
  • 1 resistive load
  • Secondary loads
  • 1 battery bench
  • Measurement instruments and a data acquisition system
  • 1 power flux command and management system
  • 1 remote monitoring system
  • 1 motor-generator that is used to control the voltage and frequency of the micro-grid
  • Other equipment such as: control cabinets, interface modules for the diesel electrical power plant, the wind turbines, solar panels, and surplus energy, etc.
graph micro reseau

The microgrid pictures