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Wind measurement mast (126 metres)

The TechnoCentre éolien has commissioned Canada's tallest weather mast at its Site nordique expérimental in Rivière-au-Renard. The 126-metre mast (the same height as a 2.05-MW REpower wind turbine) is equipped with more than 30 met sensors located at some fifteen different heights. These sensors record the weather characteristics near the two wind turbines located at the SNEEC site every second. All the data is then transmitted via a fibre optic cable to the OSIsoft PI System at the TechnoCentre éolien archives, where they are compiled and analysed by the technical team.

This high-tech weather mast is used to measure the impact of the northern climate on the productivity of wind power plants, conduct research pertaining to wind energy potential as well as to the detection and accumulation of frost and ice. Able to withstand a combined load of a 200 km/hr wind and 40 mm of ice, it will help characterise wind shear better. Using the data gathered, TechnoCentre éolien researchers can establish links between icing episodes/cold weather and periods of underproduction.

Characteristics Instrumentation  
  • Located at an elevation of 326 m, the top of the tower soars over 450 m at its tip.
  • It stands 170 m from the nearby wind turbine.
  • It has an instrument mounting bracket of over 4 m in length.
  • It can measure the wind without hindrance over more than 200 degrees.
  • The data is received and recorded in real time (1 Hz) by the OSIsoft PI archiving system.
  • The assembly can be expanded fully by adding other material and connecting it to the archiving system.
  • 10 anemometers
  • More than 5 levels of comparison between heated and unheated anemometers.
  • 5 wind vanes
  • 4 thermometers and 4 differential-temperature sensors
  • 1 hygrometer
  • 1 ceilometer
  • 1 barometer
  • 1 ice meter
  • 1 pyranometer
  • 1 vertical anemometer
graph2 tour 126

graph1 tour 126

Wind measurement mast pictures