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Wind measurement masts in Murdochville

The TechnoCentre éolien has two multi-measurement masts in the Murdochville area. Standing 15.4 metres and 20 metres in height respectively and located at elevations of 510 metres and 900 metres respectively, these masts bear some twenty measurement instruments that gather precise and true data regardless of wind direction. The two masts are used by the TechnoCentre éolien research team to characterise instrument frost, test and compare measurement instruments, characterise the atmospheric boundary layer and validate digital models and analysis methods in complex terrain in a northern setting.

Characteristics Instrumentation  
  • 2 measurement masts located in Murdochville standing 15.4 m and 20 m high at elevations of 510 m and 900 m respectively
  • Acquisition of map-based data
  • Data recorded every 10 minutes
  • Each mast stands in a setting where accretion exceeds 60 mm
  • Systems fully expandable for the addition of other sensors
  • Visibility sensor
  • 8 heated and unheated anemometers
  • 5 wind vanes
  • 2 relative humidity sensors
  • 1 frost detector
  • 1 pyranometer
  • 2 barometers
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Wind measurement mast Murdochville pictures